Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nice Ride

Last night I was soo tired.  Well, I had a migraine too.  I really hadn't a bad one in awhile.  I guess my body had been saving it up for me.  I crawled in bed hours earlier than normal and was out like a light.
I guess the dogs were barking like crazy - I didn't hear them at all.  The kids were loud I guess - I didn't hear them either.  I slept right up until my alarm was yelling at me this morning.  It was nice!
Tonight I was driving home from my last appointment with a variety of different ideas.  I could finish another report or two.  I could go to sleep early.  I could catch up the dishes.  I could exercise.  Oh yes, I had told a certain girl here that I would go on a bike ride with her.
Her chain was off somehow and I guess we didn't get it back on correctly.  Her bike was in a tiny gear the whole ride.  But she wanted to keep going!
I have to say that of all the options for tonight, a nice bike ride with my daughter was great.  We chatted.  We got in some exercise.  We enjoyed the cool night air!
Tonight I am thankful for a nice evening ride with my daughter!  We tried for a sweaty selfie, but looked a little goofy.  So here is our even goofier, edited, goofy, sweaty post bike ride selfie.

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