Sunday, July 10, 2016


The countdown is on!  Friday is the day.  Friday morning is the morning!
We've had garage sales before.  This one is different.
I'm different.
I am beating my pack-rat ways and am just absolutely tired of clutter!!  I have saved so many things for so long.  It got a bit excessive between babies.  We knew we'd have more babies, so I saved everything.  Baby stuff, toddler stuff, little kids stuff, all of it seemed to multiply in the attic.
We got rid of the really little stuff awhile ago.  And we did pretty good going thru kid stuff last year too.  But, as I've looked around my house I've noticed all the things that I've held on to "in case we need them later".  Well, I don't think we will need them later.  And if we do, we can always find another good deal.  Fortunately, bargain shopping is one of my many talents.
There are some ways where I had become such a bargain shopper that I was buying things that didn't ever get used, just because they were cheap.  That's too far.  It's not a good deal if it's buying something just to take up room in the house.  I've seen the excess of my frugal shopping ways, and I've been working on it.
For now though, this garage sale is an opportunity to shed the excess from the house!  I don't think I'll get thru the attics before Friday.  And that's ok.  I'm not going to hound myself to make it thru the house top to bottom.  Whatever we get thru, will be enough.
Right now I think the dogs are concerned that we are moving again!  Half the living room is packed with furniture and things to be shoved out the front door on Friday morning.  Half the dining room has boxes and bags of stuff ready to go.  I think we'll feel much better with so much stuff in the way of living!!
Tonight I am thankful for some good work this weekend towards getting ready for the garage sale!!  So far there is only one item that I've decided can come back in the house if it doesn't sell (a mini-fridge).  Everything else will not come back in this house again after this weekend!  Hip Hip Hooray!

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