Friday, July 29, 2016


Some people have children that seem to be born with a natural love of books.  I see pictures of these small children sitting there with their faces buried in novels.  That hasn't really been any of my children.
I've read to them.  I've read with them.  We've done voices.  They had some favorite books.  But independent reading just didn't really click too much.
Then I found some secrets.  My oldest got hooked with a certain kind of book.  And from there we figured out what genre attracted her attention.  It was a little more mystery, bordering on slightly scary.  That wasn't what I had anticipated, so those weren't the kinds of books that I had been suggesting.
The second oldest got hooked with nonfiction.  He has such a big imagination, that the fiction books just weren't as interesting as what he had going on in his head.  Once he found out it was ok to love information books, he started taking off with reading.  This past year he read the Harry Potter books, and is a little more interested in fiction.
The third prefers the books written like comics.  But she'll read anything.  She wants to see what's so exciting about all the books.  I have found that she's a skimmer.  I do that too.  The trick will be to try and slow her down with school reading . . skimming isn't always preferred there!
Then the fourth.  He has been more interested in the non-fiction, like his brother.  Even though it is preferred, reading non-fiction doesn't really excite him.  I think I've found the thing that's going to get him excited though!  Freddie Fernortner is interesting to him!  So he's on book two of Freddie and getting very excited; which gets me excited!
Tonight I am thankful for finding the things that will get my kids loving to read.  They are all imaginative people by themselves.  But I want them to learn more!  I want their minds to spin and spin and spin with new ideas!  And they're on their way!

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