Sunday, August 7, 2016

$6 Tickets

It dawned on me while I was taking Sammy to the Tiger's game the other day that this was our fourth year in a row going together to take in a game.  I think that is a good start to our tradition!
That also means that the boy was 8 years old when I took him to his first game.  Last year we took Cody with us.  This year he said he didn't really want to go.  Cody has lost a lot of interest in baseball, which is fine.  It's just not his sport.  That's ok.  Cody does absolutely love the Lions.
I have problems with the idea of going to sit and watch a football game in the snow.  And really I wouldn't want to try and go during kiddo football season.  So the snowy games would be pretty much all that would be open for us.
I got on their website to look around and thought, Hey, we don't have to go a season game.  The boy won't care!  So I started looking at pre-season games.  Then I hopped off the Lion's site and got on a discount ticket site.  $6/seat!  Not horrible seats either.  Not the best seats, but certainly not the worst!  I told Cody and he was so excited!  He wanted to invite Sammy too.  So the three of us will be going to watch the Lions and I'm paying more for parking than I am for the tickets.  That's not bad!
Tonight I am excited to find something to share with my Lions fan!  I've never been to Ford Field before, so that will be fun for all three of us!  The girls' special outing is being planned too.  And soon everyone's special outing will be complete!

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