Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Little Sunshine

I really don't like funerals.  I don't.  I know that some people need them for closure.  I'm just not one of those people.
It isn't the casket.  I've been to memorial services that I don't like just the same.  It is the sadness.  It is the heavy spirit of loss that settles in a room.
Don't get me wrong, as far as services go, today was well done.  It was nice.  There was nice sharing of warm memories and funny stories.  That was all good.
Feeling such love on a day just after a day where I was in a big city, noticing the disconnect amongst people; I mean the love shines even brighter.  It kind of made me think a little more I guess.  Yesterday we saw several homeless people.  The girls wanted to help.  They wanted to help every single homeless person they saw.  Of course, as an adult, I am weary.  And they knew to be slightly that way also.  But they wanted to make a difference and brighten some one's day.
What if we did that?  What if every person that was at that funeral home today to remember a loving woman, went out and found someone who needed a little sunshine?  And what if they smiled at that person, or talked to them for a minute, or gave them a bite to eat?  What if we did that today and made that the way to honor a loved one?  I think that'd be great.  And I think if heaven had a window, that loved ones would be radiant looking thru down to Earth and see us spreading love in their honor as we remembered the good times with them.
Tonight I'm thankful for being on this Earth another day.  I pray to make it a day more filled with love tomorrow; and to spread some sunshine whenever I feel a little blue about today.

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