Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Better than Fair

Tonight was our family fun night at the fair.
First of all, once again I am thankful for our Dave Ramsey lifestyle and budgeting.  Normally I feel horrible for the amount of money we spend at the fair for 6 people.  This year, it was budgeted for.  The only thing I should do differently next year is inform the hubster ahead of time that it is budgeted for.  I guess I forgot to tell him it was planned for, 'cause he started feeling bad for how much we were spending.  I told him "It's ok".  But that's not the same as "It's in the budget!".  We're all cleared up on that matter now!
I have to share my absolute favorite moment from the fair tonight.  Cody wanted to go on an elephant ride (I know the picture is of a dragon ride - that's because that's where I could take a good picture of the two of them!).  Ok, so Cody wanted to go on the elephant ride.  Gracie wanted to go also.  They both went on and then Gracie came back off.  She realized how high the elephants  went and she changed her mind.  That left Cody on there by himself.  That made me a little nervous.
He is only recently getting big enough to not be on the "kiddie" rides.  So, by himself, up high, might not end well.  Big brother was to the rescue!  He heard me trying to get the ride attendant's attention and helped me call for him.  The attendant said that big brother could come on and take his sister's place on the ride.  Then the boys couldn't get the bar up so he could sit down.  He very responsibly and politely went and got help again.  Then the ride started.
Then I saw big brother's face.  Then I remembered that he is a tad afraid of heights.  I think that's about when he remembered it too!  So here's what I love, he selflessly came to his little brother's aid without any concern for himself.  Watching his face, even after he got nervous, he tried to laugh and hide it so his little brother wouldn't get scared.  You'd never guess that earlier in the day, the two had each other in headlocks.
Tonight I am thankful for brotherly, selfless love!  There are times when these two are out for blood with each other.  But when there is ever a need, they are there for each other with love and nothing else!

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