Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This year will mark the first year that I did not walk children in to the school.  My youngest is in third grade now.
I feel fortunate that there was no "Mom, I don't want you to walk me."  That may have killed me.  But no, I asked him this morning if he wanted me to walk me to his classroom.  I told him that I didn't have to, it was up to him.  He thought a minute about it and said, "No, you don't need to."  And that was all.  I like that he thought about it.  There was no instant thought of mom being embarrassing, so that is in my favor.  My 5th grader did say that she didn't care either way; which again was nice knowing I wasn't completely embarrassing.
When my daughter started middle school I went up to check on her.  But I didn't this year for my son.  I know mom showing up to check on a locker in 6th grade would be utter embarrassment.  And he wasn't worried at all.
So . . yup . . .that was my morning.  I dropped my babies off at school for their first day.  I didn't get out of the car.  I didn't even park the car.  I just drove thru and let them out.
I drove back home and got teary eyed. Although I didn't cry!!!  They just keep growing up.  And they are all doing a fine job of it.  I came home and had myself a Smirnoff Raspberry for breakfast . . don't judge!  It was  a rough morning for me!!  I could've grabbed Tequila!
Then I just kind of flitted around here being a horrible worker, not doing my job much at all, and staring at the clock until it was time to go get my kiddos.  The good news is that they all had great first days of school :)  All four had a good day :)  So, I suppose I will allow them to go back again tomorrow ;)
Tonight I am thankful for making it thru the first day of school!  I see the little videos and pictures of parents dancing and kicking their kids out and that's just not me.  I've never been happy that they are leaving; although I'm happy that they are growing and learning.  I balance my emotional side with my rational mom side, don't worry.

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