Saturday, August 6, 2016


Ok, we've all see them right?  That parent who is there at some fun place, like the park or the zoo, and is on their phone.  And I'm sure we've all passed judgments; like, they should be more present.  They should be paying attention.  They should put the phone down and interact.  I've really tried, especially lately, to keep those judgments to a minimum.
I've been to those places with my kids and been on my phone.  Not for long, but my work follows me.  There are times that I ignore that ridiculous electronic square that tries to control my life.  But there are other times that I can't.  "Well, you always have a choice".  Yes, I do.  And I choose to keep my business going.  I choose to be present with my kids and explain to them that I may have to take a call or answer an email so I don't lose clients; which equals losing business; which equals losing income; which equals well, a lot of negative stuff.
Anyway, today was a first for me.  We have had plans for over a week to go to the lake today.  We were going to go last weekend, but the weather wasn't the best.  So there it was on the calendar.Saturday August 6th, "LAKE" in big letters.  But I am quite behind with work.  I had several orders that were on hold waiting for a variety of things that all came present this week.  Well, I already had a full week planned, and then all these extras on top was simply not possible.
Last night at dinner, I told the family how behind I was and one of the kids said "just bring your laptop".  Of course, my answer was "no".  I mean how could I bring work to the lake?
Well let me tell you, it really wasn't a bad idea.  There was no way I was going to miss a family day at the lake.  And I really would have stressed myself in to a migraine going to the lake while trying to forget all that was here at my desk.  I mean, these two days, today and tomorrow - this is my chance to catch up and not have a horribly stressful week again next week.  I need these days.  So I did it, I brought the work to the lake.
Without gloating too much, I will say that I have become quite a multi-tasker over the years.  There really wasn't any choice with building a business at home while having babies.  I have even, on occasion, carried on two different conversations with two different children, at the same time.  I wouldn't have thought that was possible, but I've found that it is most certainly is.
Anyway, we were there, at the lake.  I had my batteries charged up in my phone and laptop.  I had my phone's mobile hot spot on.  I swam in the lake.  I played that bean bag game that you throw in the board with the hole (I think that game has about a dozen different names depending on who you talk to).  I ate lunch.  I listed to my kids laugh.  I listened to their stories.  And I got some work done too.
I will tell you that I got very snooty looks from others at the beach.  But I felt to accomplished.  I was there for my family.  I wasn't stressing about not getting work done.  I even laid out on the folding lawn chair in the sun for a few.
Tonight I am thankful for an understanding family!  I am thankful for work that travels.  I am thankful that I don't give a flying fig about the judgments of those cocked eyebrow people at the beach!  And I am thankful to have had a fun in the sun day with my family while getting work done!
P.S. If anyone finds a beach ball floating around a lake in Jackson County, that was us.  Turns out I can't swim very fast with a healing knee.  My knee is swollen now from trying.  Hopefully someone finds it and can have fun with it!

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