Saturday, August 20, 2016

Late Deals

Usually by now I've spent at least a few weeks doing some bargain school shopping.  I haven't hit any of the penny sales at Office Max.  I haven't compared all the ads.  Nope, I just hadn't done it.
I do have a tote that has some back to school clothes that I've grabbed on clearance since spring.  When I opened the tote today, I found that my girls seem to have been in there, as only boy clothes were left!  Clothes-loving girls!
Well the girls and I went out tonight.  They are set now!  And I think I've got everything on the class lists for all four kids.  The boys get to go out tomorrow.  With clearances and sales, we saved close to $400 tonight!  I'd have to sit down and calculate it all out to be certain (and I'm not going to).  I absolutely love buying things dirt cheap!  I think my biggest steal of the evening was a pair of shoes for the boys for $3.  They look like they'll be pretty good running shoes too!
Tonight I am thankful for finding such good deals with my later-in-the-season school shopping!  After the boys stuff tomorrow, a few more boxes of tissues and cleaning wipes and we'll be ready to go!

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