Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Momma Pride

This summer has been pretty "instructional" for some of my children!  I have one child that voluntarily decided to learn extra skills and educational theories this summer.  And she pushed herself all summer!  It is quite satisfying to see her set goals and reach them!
Another child set some physical goals for himself this summer.  And he's worked hard too!  He's worked with much older kids even, to keep pushing himself and go beyond his comfort level!  I love it!
I have another child who set a goal that I thought we would need lessons to accomplish.  I told her though, we just couldn't sign up for the lessons.  The times that they were available was not times that we were available.  But, I saw her out practicing on her own!  She wasn't going to let the lack of lessons (and lack of mom expertise) stop her!  Perfect!
And I have one more child who has set a firm educational goal that he is learning (that's with me . . still something I can help with!).  But even more, he has hit some good growing up benchmarks.  His maturity goals weren't really his choice; they were more mandated from me.  But he's been working towards them anyway!  I'm so proud!
Tonight I am thankful that each of my children has made some big accomplishments this summer!!  I plan to congratulate them individually - I have given them encouragement along the way!  But tonight seemed like a good opportunity to acknowledge them publicly!!

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