Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Cheer Blood

I've read several different places and times the idea that a good leader, or intelligent person, or anything along those lines; knows to surround themselves with people smarter than themselves.  Well almost a year ago now, I signed myself up for just such a situation!
This is not a situation that I would be in if I didn't have children who love a certain sport.  Both of my businesses operate because I have a good base of knowledge about what I'm doing.  I do surround myself with smarter people in both industries.  I ask a lot of questions and I'm continually learning new things.  But I have that good base built to start on!
My latest endeavour of taking over the Cheerleading program for 3rd thru 8th grade at our school is not at all a similar situation.  I was a cheerleader for two football seasons in high school.  And I pretty much decided to join then on a whim.  I've never had cheerleading in my blood or anything.  I am naturally energetic and I like football, so in high school; it seemed like a good fit.  The first year I coached, it had been at least a dozen years since I had cheered myself.
It turns out that both of my girls naturally just love cheerleading.  The first year I coached, it was just so that they could have a squad . . there was no other volunteers.  No one sought me out here.  I had no idea what I was doing!  I had some wonderful parent helpers and we made it thru!
Four years later, here I am with the whole program.  I am in my element at the helm.  I can plan this thing well.  I've got tons of ideas.  I've got some good people to get ideas from.  We've are working well together.  And I can admit, as I have to my wonderful partners here, that actually coaching cheerleading is really not my thing.  I just don't know enough to coach it well.  And right now, with everything else that is on my plate; I don't care to learn enough about it to be an excellent coach.
So tonight I am thankful that I am surrounded by wonderful people who actually do know what they are doing!  You better believe that I am praying about this.  I don't want to let the girls down.  And more and more qualified people just seem to keep falling in my lap!  I love it!  This thing will be a success!  It will be due to the hard work of all these people who know what they are doing!  And due to a God who considers even prayer requests about cheerleading from a mom who doesn't want to let her girls down!
P.S.  If you would have told me, in my senior year of high school, that I would grow up and do this - I would not have believed you for a minute!  I hear other ex-cheerleaders talk about the good old days when they did this awesome stunt or competed at this competition.  My favorite cheer memory was the time I carried an injured football player around on my back at half time because he bet that I couldn't do it ;)

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