Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Our Thing"

It's been several weeks since I bought tickets for me and my boy to go see the Tigers.  I kind of don't like buying tickets in advance because you never know what the weather will be like.  But, oh well.
I had no idea at the time that I would be quite behind with work.  There was no way that would want to not go to this.  So today I ignored everything besides my kids.  Ok, well I did a little work first thing in the morning and more tonight.  But during the day, the kids and I went to their lessons.  Then my boy and I took off for our game.  I ignored my phone pretty well.
I have a lot to catch up on now.  Oh well.
We had a great time!  This is our fourth year in a row going.  And I really want to make it an annual thing.  I want each of them to have an "our thing" that we do special just them and I.  And Tigers is it for this boy!  I searched online until I found some awesome seats for a great price!  He brought his mitt, hoping he might catch a foul ball.  Three foul balls went to the section next to us!  I'm plugging a note in to my calendar on where to get seats at next year! :)
Tonight I am thankful for some time with my boy.  One year he took friends with us.  Last year I took both boys - the other son didn't want to come this year.  And that was fine.  He and I will find our own special thing too.
Oh, and I am thankful that we found parking after driving around for awhile!  And I'm thankful our walk to and from our car (several blocks) was safe and divinely guided :)

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