Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Yesterday about got to me.
I think I do pretty well with stress honestly.  That isn't my ego talking.  That is years and years of NOT dealing well with stress.  That is times of letting the stress get to me and hurting ones that I love.  That is slowing down, intentionally, to figure out how to handle things and how to keep a good perspective.
Yesterday I wasn't doing well with all that though.  Some days I wish I had a job I could take a few days off from and have someone cover for me.  This whole work for yourself and work from home thing gets old when home = office with family in it.  But that's on me.  It really is.
It's my perspective.  Today I reminded myself of the blessings of this job; the biggest of all to be able to be here for my kids. This has been the summer of dentist and orthodontist appointments (two more tomorrow!).  And I have been able to take the kids to all the appointments.  I have to leave for appointments, and this bums them out.  But, sometimes they get to come with me.
Today I did better.  I ignored my emails for hours on end.  I sent pretty much every phone call to voicemail.  I just ignored the world while I did my work.  It was nice.
Ok, so that isn't the model of customer service.  But the real estate lending market is on fire right now.  Which means I have appraisal clients thinking the world will end tomorrow if an appraisal isn't done yesterday.  And somehow they think being a pain in my a*$ will get them their report faster (PS, it just slows me down to deal with correspondance when I should be concentrating on properties).  They're just wrong.  The world will keep on turning.
Tonight I am thankful for taking some steps to preserve my sanity.  Tomorrow I will probably do the same thing.  And the next, and the next.  I work very hard.  I work pretty quickly.  And asking me to do anything beyond that is asking too much.  I will grant myself permission to ignore things that aren't necessary, to be thankful for the the opportunity to have this job, and to remember the blessings above the irritations.

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