Wednesday, August 10, 2016

She Made It!

I was up this morning working in the dark.  I thought about getting a flashlight to go check on my sick animal.  I was pretty worried about how she made it thru the night.  But I waited.
When the sun finally decided to get up this morning, I put on my boots and headed out to the barn.  As I walked out, I saw two of the animals in the pen standing there, but I didn't see my sick one.  I got closer and saw her laying on the ground, my heart sank.  I rounded the corner of the barn where I'd have a full view.  And she was alive!  She picked her head up and looked at me :)
I went and got some food to entice her to get up.  She got up, pretty shaky, but she did it!  She walked over to the food too!
Throughout the day we've went out and checked on her.  She's stayed pretty much the same.  She's not super sturdy on her legs.  I guess time will tell if this will improve or not.  Luckily, her pen mates have been her buddies for life.  So they are watching out for her.  They aren't going to beat her up for being sickly.
Tonight I am thankful that the medicine from last night worked!  I was thankful last night, but still cautious.  I just wasn't sure how she'd do over the night.  That just made my entire today by starting out seeing those bright eyes looking at me this morning!

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