Monday, August 1, 2016

Splish Splash . . Dentist

I am surprised my phone didn't burst in to flames today.  Phone calls, texts, emails, all day long, *ding*  *ring*  *buzz*.  I was at one house appointment for under 20 minutes and my phone went off 15 times.  I was getting fairly annoyed.  (To any of my friends or family who contacted me, you are ok!  It was my needy appraisal clients that were picking away at my sanity today.)
After that ridiculously interrupted house appointment, I went back to my car and was playing my voicemails rather crankily.  Then one sounded different.  The lady was from the kids' dentist office.  Strange, since I had just been there with kids last week.  They had to call because one of my children won their give-away!  Passes to a water park!
When I told my child that she had won, she was so excited!!  As was I :)
What is funny about this, is that my son won water park passes and a hotel stay from the orthodontist office a few years back!
Now, if this isn't incentive enough to keep your children going to the dentist, I don't know what is!
Tonight I am thankful for some free passes to a water park!  And I am thankful for the child who won them!  She's been having a bit of a rough time lately.  This was good timing for something extraordinarily wonderful to happen for her :)

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