Monday, August 15, 2016


These last two days were filled with lots of fun and new things!  I think the biggest surprise, for me anyway, was today at lunch.  The girls and I were hungry!!  We were searching around, looking for some place filling to eat lunch.  Finally, across the way I saw a restaurant!  All I could see, from Pillars and stuff in the way was "Harry".
Thankfully my first thought wasn't something "hairy", because that really isn't a good thought along with food.  My first thought was Lou and Harry's.  I'd eaten there in Lansing.  I could see this wasn't exactly the same name, but it had to be good, right?
The restaurant was actually Harry Caray's.  They had delicious food!  And just for dining there, we got free admission in to their Sports Museum.  I'll admit I wasn't exactly thrilled.  So we'd get to read stats and see maybe a used pair of sneakers, right?  Wrong!
That place was so neat!  It was really designed to drawn a person in to the world of the athlete.  From trying on a concrete pair of big shoes, to seeing if your hand can fit the imprint on a basketball from a famous pro, to a virtual golfing game, and much more; it was pretty awesome!  The girls had fun there.  I had fun there!  We weren't even watching the time.  And all that was for free, just for eating our delicious lunch!
Tonight I am thankful for our surprise yummy lunch and interactive sports museum combo that we stumbled on today!  Chicago has it's big attractions that make the front lines of the tourist sites, and it has it's secret gems that are there just waiting to be discovered!

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