Monday, August 8, 2016

The Converted Garage

I know it seems that I may be talking about work a bit lately on here.  But, oh well.  Today I was at a house where the family had converted the two car garage in to an attached apartment / suite for family.
At first the man said, "for parents or children, or whoever".  So I first think of grown children who move back home to live.  Because, that happens.  Well, as I talked with this couple, they told me that both of their parents had utilized this apartment, and the woman's son.  He was a quadriplegic and had been getting progressively worse.
When he couldn't live in his apartment anymore, he moved in with them.  And when he got bad enough that they couldn't move him by themselves anymore, they installed a lift.  He passed away last fall.  The woman's eyes teared up and the man kept talking to steer the conversation away.
We moved thru the house and the woman mentioned that they were going to have a garage sale soon.  They had been going thru their things, and then there were her son's things, she said.  And his things out in the pole barn; a car, a boat, and some other things.  She disappeared in the house shortly after.  It was one of those stupid moments when I just couldn't form any words.  I mean really, what words are there for that.  She was lost in despair.  I put my hand on her arm and offered a small smile.  She smiled back before she left.
Tonight I am thankful for every parent who takes care of their children and loves them with their entire being . . especially when life's road takes a bad turn.  I can't even imagine the grief that this woman has.  And I hope and pray that I never do find out.  Tonight I pray that she finds peace somehow knowing that she took care of her baby when he needed her.  I pray that she finds comfort knowing that he is at peace now.  And if you could, please say a prayer for her too.

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