Sunday, August 28, 2016


Tuesday I jogged, just a little bit, on my toes.  It has been circling thru my brain ever since.  What if I hadn't ran on my toes?  Could I do it with my whole foot?  Would it break me?  Would it hurt all the healing that has taken place?
Well, tonight I decided to find out.  I walked out of my office with my knee brace and running shoes and told the hubster that I was heading to the track!  I didn't want to start off with our uneven yard or hard road.  My cross-country boy came with me.  It was pretty neat to see him lead me thru the warm ups.  Him . . .lead me . . . Me who was running 20 years before he was even born.  It was an ironic and proud moment for sure.
Then we were off.  I warned him that I would be slow.  I needed to concentrate on putting my foot down properly.  My mind was back to the months of physical therapy and the deliberate engagement of my muscles.  It is funny how you have to retrain your brain to have your legs and feet work right!  About half way around the track, I could feel my knee starting to swell.  I walked a little bit.  Then I thought, Why am I walking?  It's going to swell!  It's my first time running in a year!  Of course it's going to swell!
So I jogged some more.  I walked some more.  I jogged some more.  My trainer came and jogged with me for the second lap.  A little more than half way around the second lap, there was a shooting pain.  Crap!!  So I walked a little, and it was ok.  The pain didn't persist.  So right at the end, I tried to run.  And I did!  It wasn't fast.  And it was awkward feeling.  But I did it!!
As we went around, my trainer was trying to encourage me and said to push myself.  I told him that I was!  I was told that it would be a year before running, I'm one month early.  He said that is good and that I'm strong!  I told him no, just stubborn!
Tonight, as I'm laying here with my knee propped up and covered in ice, I am thankful that I jogged and ran on the track today!!  I'll be back soon!  And my trainer said he'd come with me ;)

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