Monday, August 29, 2016


I'm late this year.  Usually by now I've gotten all the school stuff ready.  We've had the shopping done.  But tonight I sat here and went thru all the paper stuff.  I combine schedules in to spreadsheets to post on the bulletin board.  I do the same with lunch menus and have a list of who gets to ride in the front of the car on the way to school (I had really hoped to use the bus this year, but a 45 minute ride in the morning for my car-sick prone child isn't worth it when we live 5 minutes from the school).  These schedules go on a bulletin board in the dining room.
I have a binder that organizes the kids important school papers, sports, and extracurricular stuff.  The binder is only for year long stuff.  I don't update that again until this time next year.  Their temporary sports, field trips, upcoming school specials, etc. go on a bulletin board here in my office.  It has to stay different from the dining room bulletin board or papers disappear!
I am actually pretty proud that we have cut back activities this year!  Going in to this fall, between all four children, we have 8 activities.  This is down 5 activities from last year.  Even counting and writing that, no wonder I'm tired!!
Ok, but the biggest deal for me . . the saddest deal for me . . is that my babies leave me again tomorrow.  I am happy for them that they will get to go learn things and spend time with their friends, and grow and find out more who they are in life.  But truth be told, I'd rather have them here with me.  I don't care that I get more headaches when they are here.  I don't care that the house is messier and the cupboards are emptier; I still love it most when they are here.
I'll appreciate the quiet of the house, and being able to concentrate on work, and make phone calls without making silent threats to people waiting to whine at me.  Sure, that'll be ok.  But, once again parts of my heart that walk around in those four other people will be gone, and my heart just won't be the same until they are back home with me.
Tonight I am thankful that we are ready for school, just in the nick of time!  I am thankful that we are prepared and the kids are nervous/excited for tomorrow.  I'm not so thankful that they are leaving.  But I'm thankful that they get to grow.  They can go work on their wings, and I'll hang on to their roots!

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