Friday, August 12, 2016

Too Hard

I pushed too hard this week.  I knew I was pushing too hard.  I know if I were to look at my blog posts from a few months ago I would see my goals to get more sleep and be nicer to my body.
But then I made this crazy goal of having all debts paid off in one year.  Right after that I went a little crazy.  I accepted waaayy too much work.  And I've been paying for it.
I laid down for about 20 minutes tonight and then tried to get back up.  My head laughed at me, like a cruel, evil laugh as it made every nerve in the front half of my brain tighten in protest to my relentless pushing.  So I'm here in bed.  And I'm going to go to sleep now, before 7, on a Friday.
Tonight I am thankful that when I ignore my body's little signals, it will eventually slap me around.  I really don't want to do great damage to my health.  My intentions are only to try and clean up the work mess that I created for myself.
Lesson learned.  I will still keep my crazy goal.  But I will include some thoughtful, conscious decisions to getting there . . . 'cause this all or nothing approach is not a good one!

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