Saturday, August 13, 2016

What Did You Do?

Getting towards the final weeks of summer now. . .  it seems like I have these moments every year about this time.  The moments of feeling like maybe I didn't do "enough" over the summer for the kids.
We haven't taken a whole week off and skipped town.  We haven't remodeled their bedrooms.  We haven't ran off every weekend on an adventure.  We haven't done lots of things.
I'll be honest, this wasn't a big deal before school.  When the kids were all littler, it didn't matter.  Summer was just like any other time.  Now though, they'll go back to school and they'll be asked, "How was your summer?"  "What did you do this summer?"  And those are very valid questions to ask.  And of course, as a parent, I want them to have a good answer that makes them feel proud and happy to report about.
Which brings about my annual feelings of possible inadequacy, did we "do" enough?
So here's my annual answer to myself, Yes.  Yes, we did do enough.
When I think to my childhood, I remember taking some trips.  And those were fun!  But when I think of summer, I think of being home, sleeping in, reading, playing in the yard, and just enjoying life!  Of course at that time, I didn't know that "enjoying life" was what I was doing, but it was.  I was being a kid.
This summer, we have done quite a few things.  And we have a couple more things planned.  But we've been home a lot too.  The kids have played in the yard.  They've lounged around the house.  They've played.  They've fought.  They've made up.  And they've played again.  Sometimes, the best things in life aren't planned.  And besides the things on the calendar, the best thing we've done this summer is be a family, together, in our home, working on life and love and fun.
Tonight I'm thankful that the best things in life can't be answered in a list of things done.  I'm thankful that we did do some of the list of things done stuff too.  But I'm more thankful for the things that happened unscheduled, the laughter, the pretending, the inventing, the reading, and the growing in love together.

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