Friday, September 2, 2016

Almost Ruined

There was no school today.  There was a free movie playing this morning at the movie theater!  The catch for being free was that the movie started at 9:30am, doors opened at 9am.  And once the seats were filled up, that was it.
The kids and I were looking forward to it all week.  I was drooling over the thought of movie theater popcorn for breakfast!!  We got there about quarter after 9.  Yeah . . we were a little later than I had planned.  But, there were still seats!  Nice, squishy, comfy seats!  We had our popcorn and our pops and we were ready to watch The Minions.  Ok, so we own the movie, but seeing it on the big screen is always more exciting.
Here is what we learned this morning . . . empty bellies + car ride + buttery popcorn + pop = unhappy bellies.  The movie was fun.  But, by the time we got home, everyone had to lay down for a little bit.
After a little while of resting, everyone was able to get back up and continue on with their day.
The kids got their chores done.  I got most of my work done.  The whole day was not ruined!  Hooray!  We got to go enjoy some sunshine too!
Tonight I am thankful for a fun morning out for free!  Well, I had to pay for the popcorn and drinks.  But the admission was free!  And I am very thankful that everyone got to feeling better in no time!

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