Friday, September 16, 2016


Tomorrow I'm heading to an auction!  I'm excited!  I may come back home with nothing.  And I'm ok with that.  But I love the excitement of the possibility of getting a super good deal on something!!
The auction excitement started for me 14 years ago.  I think it's been awhile since I shared this story . . so I guess it's ok to share it again :)
I had bought my first house with the appliances in it.  So when I sold the house, I sold it with the appliances in it.  And for whatever young-aged, naive reason, it hadn't dawned on me to check if the appliances stayed with the new house I was buying . . . and they didn't.
After putting money down on the house, moving expenses, and other costs, I was running out of money quick!  I got a refrigerator.  I'm thinking maybe the stove did stay in that house . . I don't remember.  I do remember though, that the washing machine and clothes dryer did not come with the house.  And I had no money left to buy either.  Then I saw an auction listed in the paper.
The auction was a liquidation of a daycare and it has a washing machine and dryer.  I think every other person at that auction was there for the daycare supplies.  We moved room to room to room, with me getting antsier and antsier.  Finally we were in the basement and the auctioneer started high.  No one bid, so he went lower, then lower, then lower.  I was practicing self restraint while in inner turmoil!  I couldn't let him get too low.  If he got too low then someone else would bid just because it was so cheap.  And if I outbid them, and they countered . . well the price could escalate pretty quickly.  So I stood there, wrestling with myself and shifting from one foot then the other.  Finally I bid!  And I won them!  And I seriously wish my memory was better because I don't remember how much I got them for.  But it was cheap!  It was either $20 or $50 . . I know I have it written down somewhere.  I'll have to find it.  Either way, I got a good conditioned, working washing machine and dryer for very, very cheap!
Since that auction, I've done mostly online auctions.  It's just easier.  But tomorrow two separate auctions crossed my desk today that have things that would be wonderful for my family!!  I am doing an absentee ballad for one and attending the other.  Wish me luck!  Either way, it'll be fun just to go :)
Tonight I am thankful for good deals to be found at auctions.  And I hope tomorrow I can be thankful for adding another amazing auction deal story to my story collection!

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