Monday, September 26, 2016

Before Closing

All of our vehicles have their tags renew on my birthday.  I have more flexibility during the day to get those things done, so it just turned out that way.  And it's no big deal.
Except for when I forget about the tags.  Oops!  I looked at my schedule for the next few days and no where at all was a block of time that I could devote to "waiting excessively long for shiny new stickers".
Then it hit me!  The Kiosk machine!  I wonder if it would work?  I had trouble with it once before.  I grabbed my boy from cross country and we raced to the nearest Secretary of State's office.  We made it inside the door with minutes to spare.
I tried the first tag.  I got errors about 3 times.  And then . . . it worked!!  Hooray!  Oh yes, with minutes before closing, I got the tags renewed!
Tonight I am thankful for the kiosk at the front of the Secretary of State!  I wish all transactions in that office were that easy!

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