Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Best Part

I will say for the record that turning 36 has been a good day :)
My customers probably don't think so . . . I've had the attention span of a fruit fly today.  Ah well, they'll live.  I'll make it up to them tomorrow.
I came out to my desk in the wee hours of the morning to a card and flowers :)  When the rest of my house woke up, I was showered with hand-made cards by the kiddos.  Those cards are my favorite :)  They are wonderful!  And so very sweet!  Then they gave me a bag of goodies!
The school was very nice to cancel half of their school day today.  In honor of my birthday, it was only a half day of school!  Ok, so maybe it was coincidental . . . I'd like to think it was in honor of my birthday though  . . . don't burst my bubble over here!  Anyway, so I got to have my kiddos with me more on my birthday :)
I had requested a special birthday dinner out.  I'd wanted to try Tomato Brothers for a long time.  And tonight we went!  It was good.  They have delicious bread sticks!  And everyone had leftovers.  So tomorrow's lunch is easy peasy!
Then there was my personal triumph of running a mile.  Since making that a goal about a month ago, I have been trying hard not to agonize over that decision.  I haven't made it to the track as much as I wanted to.  And I haven't been impressed with what my knee can do when I've been at the track.  I pushed hard today to get to that mile! Believe me!  I wasn't quite sure if my knee was going to collapse or not afterwards.  I couldn't put all my weight on it for quite awhile afterwards without extreme pain.  But most of the pain is gone now and only swelling remains.  Before anyone gets too concerned, the tear was in the back, the pain and swelling is usually in the front.  The Dr. had told me that the swelling all pushes to the front.  So the pain I'm feeling is more pressure, not pain from the ligament itself . . . that pain was very different.  I know too much pressure from swelling isn't good either, so I'm watching it.  But I survived.  :)  And I'll do it again!
Tonight I'm thankful for a good birthday!  I think the hand made cards from the kiddos were my absolute favorite part of today :)  They were very sweet!

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