Thursday, September 15, 2016

Early Christmas

Once upon a time, a little girl wanted her very own American Girl Doll.  The girl loved all dolls.  And she took very good care of them.  But the girl's mommy thought that the prices of the American Girl Dolls were ridiculous and wasn't willing to spend that much on a doll.
The mom didn't want to let her little girl down, and she found a doll that looked very similar to an American Girl doll on eBay.  For Christmas the little girl got her doll and she adored it.  The little girl thought it was an American Girl Doll.  The mommy did tell her that it wasn't one exactly.  But the little girl still loved it.
The little girl's sister grew a little older and she wanted an American Girl doll also.  The mommy found this daughter a doll that was similar as well.  And both girls loved their dollies that looked like American Girl dolls.  They were thankful and happy with their dollies.  The mommy knew that deep down, the girls still wanted American Girl dolls.  But the girls were content with their dollies and the mommy still just wasn't willing to spend the money on real American Girl dolls.
The mommy's cousin understood very well.  She herself was a fan and collector of American Girl dolls.  She sent the mommy a few sales that were happening.  And the mommy showed the girls.  Because if they saved enough of their own money; they were free to choose to spend it on the American Girls dolls if they so choosed.
Then one day the mommy's cousin sent her a message about two American Girl dolls looking for a new home!  Well, really there was just one and the mommy's cousin was generous and loving enough to send a second doll, so that both girls could have a dolly!  The mommy told the girls' brothers about the surprise package that was coming.  The mommy didn't want the boys to be sad that they weren't getting presents too.  The brothers knew how much their sisters wanted the dolls, and they were truly excited for them!
Today the box was delivered to the house!  The girls had no idea it was coming.  The mommy cut open the box and told the girls to look inside.  They both got big smiles when they saw the dollies!  They pulled out the dollies, traded, and hugged them tight!  Inside the box was also a toy for each of the brothers!  The mommy's cousin was very thoughtful!  The boys were already excited for their sisters, and their selflessness was rewarded with their own surprise toys!!
Tonight the mommy (that's me) is very thankful for the mommy's cousin for looking out and thinking of the mommy's children!!  We had Christmas a little early this year :)
P.S. I thought about keeping the dollies until Christmas, but figured there was no way I could keep them a secret!!  I was excited too!

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