Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First One

I hate missing kid events; especially when they are nervous.  Today was my boy's first cross country meet . . and I couldn't be there.  He told me he had some butterflies in his stomach a few days ago.  I think it made him even more nervous that he would be there without a parent.
My in laws did go, so that was good.  And of course he had his team!
He got to take the "kiddo phone" with him - a $5 Tracfone reserved for times like this for whichever non-phone-owning kid is leaving without us.  I got a text around lunch time from him :)  And some texts after school :)  And a text before he was about to run :)  And some texts after he ran! :)
The best-est part was that he was proud of himself!  I loved reading his messages!  He pushed himself and beat what he'd been running.  And he was proud :)  Which means I was doubly proud!  I told him yesterday that no matter how he did, I was proud of how dedicated he has been to this!  And I am!!
Tonight I am thankful for my son practicing so much and so hard!  And thankful that his first cross country meet went well!!  Hooray!!

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