Sunday, September 11, 2016

Full, Not Long

Today was a full day.  I think I want to try and start saying full rather than long.
A long day implies a negative aspect, and that's not always the case.
I set my alarm clock this morning for 5:30.  Then I turned it off and woke up around 6:30.  I worked until it was time to get ready for the first football game.  The first game went well!  I had opened it up to volunteer cheerleaders and got 7 girls!  That is awesome! 7 girls and their parents willing to put in efforts on two separate football games today!
Well, then I came home and did a little more work.  Then I went to the second football game.  Which went wonderful also!  This was our first time inviting younger girls out for a little while with the bigger cheerleaders.  I was worried they would be scared in front of people out on the field.  But they did great and said they had a good time!  Oh, and did I mention that all the football games were won by our very own Aggies today?  :)  That is always a plus!
But then I had to go to do some houses that I didn't have time for on Friday.  I was very thankful no one called the police.  I tend to get the police called when I appraise houses on weekend evenings.  But tonight was good!
I stopped to get a few groceries.  And guess what???  Frankenberry and Boo Berry cereal were out!  I didn't see any Count Chocola.  But I'll be happy almost two months before Halloween for two out of the three :)  I had stopped buying cereal for awhile there because the kids inhale it like it is air.  But I had to make exceptions for these guys!
Tonight I am thankful for a full day :)  A full day with many blessings.  And I am exhausted now and going to bed!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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