Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last Outing

Over the summer the boys got each their special outing to the Tigers game and to the Lions game.  E got a trip to Chicago with her Girl Scout trip.  So my Gracie was the only one who hadn't gotten a special outing yet.  She was waiting for the American Girl Doll store to open here in Michigan.
Well, when her sister and I were in Chicago, we went to the American Girl Doll store.  E took lots of pictures and showed them to Gracie when we got home.  The pictures changed Gracie's mind.  I think she had something more magical in mind, from the commercials.  I personally thought the neatest thing was the little restaurant that looked like a fancy place to eat with you doll.  But I doubt the store in Michigan has that much extra stuff.
Anyway, it was her decision, and she decided not to go.  Together, the girls decided on getting toenails done instead.  While there, the guy decided to do Gracie's fingernails for free!  It was extra special for her!  We had dinner.  We went to Target and played dress up too!
Tonight I am thankful for a fun night out with my girls!  I love watching the two of them in their "sister" element!  And I am extra thankful that the man decided to do Gracie's fingers too :)  It was nice for her to have something extra special since she waited so long for her outing; and since she changed her mind after deciding the first store wasn't as magical as she had thought!

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