Friday, September 9, 2016

Many Efforts

Oh this week . . I am so glad it is over!!!  Some times the end of the week is just enough to be thankful for in itself!
But I'll throw in my biggest thing here . . . cheer uniforms.  We welcome all girls to cheer!  Which meant that I found out a little late that we didn't have enough informs for everyone.  So we decided to make them.  I had that blog last week, being thankful that we could make some nifty uniform shirts!
Well, I ordered the shirts Friday afternoon / evening.  There was Labor Day weekend.  And I got an email Tuesday afternoon that the order never was processed because the company (who I had used before) needed a document from me.  AHHH!  Oh, it was beyond panic.  I hopped online and found another supplier. I  could have just filled out the document that they needed, but I was holding a grudge.  Anyway, found another supplier, negotiated some speedy delivery.  And the shirts arrived yesterday around 3:45 to my house.
The hubster, myself, and my oldest stayed up making shirt in to the night.  We let my daughter go to bed first.  Because she needs her sleep.  The hubster and I?  Well, we are parents, so our sleep needs can be compromised for the sake of the greater good.
Viola, by morning we had shirts for everyone!  Hooray!  One of my wonderful coaches spent her night similarly making beautiful, sparkly hair bows!  And one of my wonderful, generous parents is spending her time altering pants to fit some of our smaller cheerleaders!
Tonight I am thankful for this wonderfully awesome coming together of many efforts to make the girls look great tonight!  And they'll look great on Sunday.  And they'll keep looking great all season! :)

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