Monday, September 19, 2016


If you know me, you know I value life . . all life; except mosquitoes and maybe angry bears.  I also recognize that life on this Earth is not forever.  And sometimes, especially with animals, they just aren't meant to be here long.
We had a pregnant barn cat.  Her name is Owl.  She has seizures.  And I think she had one yesterday because 4 babies came out too early.  I think she still has at least one baby still in her . .  Of the four that came out, 2 were dead when we found them.  The other two are very small and don't seem to be able to open their mouths up big enough to eat from their momma.  I locked Owl in a pet carrier with them, hoping they could work something out.  But it just stressed Owl out being in there and not being able to help them.
The babies were very cold.  I tried to warm them up a bit.  I put the pet carrier out on the back porch with the door open, hoping one of my other momma barn cats would step in and take care of the kittens.  I had to get to working today though, so that's how I left them.
When I got home, no one was in the pen with the kittens, and they were fairly cold.  But they were alive.  If they had been by themselves that whole time, surely they would have died.  I brought them inside for a bit.  When I went back out to get the pet carrier, my favorite chicken, Pot Pie was in the carrier looking for the kittens :)  I think she's the one who has been keeping them from freezing.  She's such a nice chicken :)
So now the two babies are living in a tote in the bathroom.  They have a rice bag under their towel to keep them warm.  And I've showed the kids how to feed them with a syringe every few hours.  I'm hoping if they get a little bigger that their momma will take them back.
Tonight I am thankful that these two little ones are fighters.  I have heard my boy praying and praying for them to live.  So I'm going to do all that I can.  Mittens, the house cat, says that they need to move back outside as soon as possible.  But even Mittens isn't being horrible!

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