Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pieces of a Mountain

Some days life looks like a mountain.  There is so much to get done, so many places to be, so many people depending on me; it can be overwhelming.
Truth be told, I've never climbed an actual mountain.  But I've watched people do it on the television set.  Have you ever watched that?  The climber may look up at the mountain occasionally to see how far there is to go or to see how far they've come.  But I have never, never, never seen a climber stare up the mountain while they are in the action of climbing.  Do you know why that is?
Well they could mess up, right?  I mean if they are looking up the mountain and not right in front of them, then they could miss a step or pick wrong, or mess up a line.  I mean they could make all sorts of mistakes if they only looked at their destination and they didn't look at all the steps needed to get there.
They glance up every now and then to plan their next steps.  It is a lot of looking right in front and looking at where to go next.  Every now and then are the long looks up or the long looks down.  Kind of symbolic I think.
So today, with my mountain, I wouldn't stare at the whole thing.  I wouldn't do it.  I looked at the little pieces in front of me.  I looked a little at what I would do next; and I focused on what I needed to do in that moment, with an eye on what was next.  This was a good plan.
Today I did not climb the entire mountain that was staring at me.  But the mountain will be there tomorrow.  And the best part is that the mountain did not crush me.  And I didn't fall down the mountain.
Tonight I am thankful that climbing a mountain isn't just climbing a mountain.  Climbing a mountain is a lot of little steps and little climbs that are different, but all working towards the same goal.  Sometimes you've got to move sideways instead of up.  And sometimes you've got to go down a bit to get in the right place to go higher again.  But it all works towards the same direction, each little piece at a time.

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