Friday, September 23, 2016

Pushing It

Well, I can admit that I'm pretty stubborn.  Probably to an extreme on occasion.
So when I decided that I could do a 5k with the kids on Saturday, September 24th, I just knew it would happen.  Now, I did sign up for a 5k back in May (I think) that I backed out of.  But hey, this is several months later now.  I've been running on this knee.  I've been doing a lot more lately!
But I've also been pushing a lot more trying to reach my goal of running a mile by my birthday (P.S. I don't think I'm going to make that goal.  I'll go a mile, but my knee isn't cooperating to have it be all running.)  Anyway, so yes . . I've been pushing a little harder.  I've been doing warm-ups with the cheerleaders.  I've been doing more exercises at home.
Aaaand, it has landed me back to swelling, a limp at times this week, and needing my brace more.  So I'm a little nervous for the 5k tomorrow.
But, I have not ran at the track for several days now.  I've been trying to rest my knee more.  I'm hoping it will do good tomorrow!  I can't back out now.  I really can't, this race is me and the kids.
We have started a tradition of doing one fun 5k per year together.  I even budget in extra money to pay for a fee to go do something that we could do here at home.  It's important to me though.  I want them to find something fun about running.  And not just because I enjoy it.  But because they should see that there is something fun about any type of exercise if you search for it.
I don't want their only exercise to be on a school sports team.  For the main reason that they will grow up and there won't always be a sports team around for them to join.  I want them to find a personally enjoyable form of exercise that can stay with them for life.  So maybe it isn't running.  Maybe they'll despise running.  But they'll remember that even though they despised it, they had fun when we did the Color Run and looked like rainbows!  Or they'll remember when did the Insane Inflatable race and they got to jump on the bouncy things and do the giant slide while running!  Or they'll remember this year's Super Hero race when we got capes and dressed up to run along side other people who got capes and dressed up.  They'll remember that exercise can be fun.  And maybe they'll be a little healthier for it.
So tonight, I will try my best to not be doubtful about my physical capabilities for tomorrow.  Tonight I will elevate my leg and rub on more Penetrex lotion - seriously AWESOME stuff, and available on amazon.  Tonight I will be thankful that I have a good knee brace . . well a fairly irritating knee brace.
Tonight I will most of all be thankful that I get the chance to dress up with my kiddos tomorrow and make a good memory that they will be sure to remember . . . especially if I wear underwear over tights . . . I'm thinking about it ;)

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