Thursday, September 1, 2016

Saved by the Basement

It was over a year ago that we started the hubster's t-shirt business.  It worked good being "on the side" with his job at the time.  And hey, it was fun to make our own stuff!
Then he switched jobs.  And he had less time.  I stopped advertising and we still got some orders in.  Even that was getting to be too much for him.  So we made the decision a few months ago that the business would only service past customers and things for our family.
I tell ya, that was an absolutely fantastic decision because it's saving my butt!!
In trying to revive a dwindling program, I have kept registration open for our Cheer program.  With the first game sneaking up quickly, I sat down this afternoon to assign uniforms.  And found we didn't have enough of the right sizes.  AH!  I went about searching the internet and found some very cute ideas that we can do with t-shirts.
And I just happen to have a stash of shirts that I've bought on clearance sitting in the basement waiting to be used.
So tonight I am thankful for t-shirt equipment sitting in my house just waiting to be used!  I am thankful for the internet for providing great ideas when I have no good ones myself!  And I am thankful to the hubster who will make us some awesome uniform shirts this weekend!

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