Sunday, September 18, 2016


Well, I missed my September 17th deadline by an hour!  Oops!  I got a little engrossed in trying to catch my desk up over here!
I am happy to report that I got some good deals at the auction today though!  We didn't win either of the bigger items that we were watching.  But that's ok.
The auction was at a residence, which also had a sale going on inside the home.  As it was the second day of the interior house sale, everything was 1/2 off the prices marked!  Yeah, between the sale and the auction, I got some really good deals on things we'll use right away.
I was very proud of myself because there were some other things that I thought about buying today.  But I stopped and put actual thought in to the purchase; like how often I'd actually use it and/or researching the item online to see what I would be comfortable paying.  Probably my best buy today was a Rubbermaid yard cart, which sells right now at Home Depot for $139.  I bought one today for $25!
Tonight I am thankful for a good auction today!  It would have been nice to get the bigger items too.  But, I've been reminding myself not to get too bummed.  Onward and upward towards our paying-things-off goals!!

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