Sunday, September 4, 2016

Surprise Blessing!

I am cheap.  Er, um . . frugal.  No . . thrifty.  Well, whatever you want to call it; I like to find good deals on things.  I have problems paying high prices.  And I greatly prefer even with average prices, to find sales or clearances.  I am an avid fan of coupons and groupons and all discounts.
So it took me a couple days to accept my fate of needing to buy something expensive for my feet.  
My feet are pretty sturdy things.  I have good arches.  My ankles are solid.  I can walk all day barefoot or in big chunky heels and be just fine.  I rarely do thin heels; that is more of a klutz factor than it is a feet factor.  Due to my wonderfully sturdy feet, I usually pay no more than $20 for a pair of shoes.  Winter boots, I have to pay a little more for, but not much . . I find wonderful after Thanksgiving sales for boots.  My running shoes fall in to the $20 and under category as well (usually like a Meijer clearance) . . . . until now.
Running with a still-healing knee apparently requires something special.  I went to the track twice last week.  The last time I went, I left limping. And I haven't been back for days.  It was a lasting "too much" for my knee.  
So the choices are to wait longer to run - NOOOOO!  Or get some good help with running shoes; which equals spending more than $20.  And yes, I know even better shoes may not make me be able to run if my knee just doesn't want to do it.  But, I'd surely have better chances!
Today was the day.  I went to Playmakers.  I walked thru the doors and walked over to the shoes.  I looked at the prices and steeled myself from turning and leaving.  I was there maybe 45 seconds and a nice woman came and asked if I wanted help.  I told her that I did need some help.  I told her of my injury and that shoes normally don't matter much for me; but now they do.  She was very nice.  She measured my foot.  She watched the way I walked and balanced on my foot.  And told me what kind of shoe would be good for me.  
Then this woman, this complete stranger, said something that was music to my ears, "We have a sale right now, 20% off clearance prices.  Would you like to see what we have upstairs in the clearance section?"  I am not even sure if my smile fit on my face!  "YES!"  
Upstairs I got a little discouraged.  My feet are wide.  I've been told in the past this is possibly due to the amount of time I've spent barefoot in my life . . but who really knows.  They are just wide.  And all the shoes on the rack were normal sizes, not wide.  The woman went in the backroom to see what they had.  And they had one pair of wide shoes in my size!  They felt wonderful!!  
I walked out of the store with new, wonderful running shoes, for $52 less than the shelf price!!  I didn't get to run today though.  I had too much to do when I got home.  To be honest, my knee is still not feeling back to where it was before I was at the track last either.  But tomorrow morning, I'm taking my cross country boy and we are heading to the track.  I can't wait to try these out!
Tonight I am thankful for getting nice, friendly, knowledgeable help to get some good shoes and a wonderfully discounted price!  I love when God just pops in and blesses with the little things when I'm not even expecting it!  But I sure am thankful for it!!

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