Sunday, September 18, 2016

Timing of Dreams

You have to be careful of the advice that you listen to in life.  There are many people who may be where you want to be, but the way they got there is not the way that is right for you.
This is something that I could acknowledge a long time ago.  But it was something that really hit home maybe 8 or 9 years ago.  The hubby and I would watch shows on tv of people who renovated houses and it just looked good to us.  There was one in particular that was a favorite.  It was of a company in South Carolina called Trademark Properties.  The guy really seemed to know what he was doing.  He had a good team.  And he gave back to the community.  It was something to aspire to!
We enrolled in a training thing with high hopes.  And were fairly disappointed.  The training was tips on leveraging and investors and was just not the right way for us.  It also had some marketing tips that seemed fairly fraudulent from my perspective.  I think I still have that binder around here somewhere.
We've never really given up on that dream.  It's just been hanging out waiting for the right time and place for us.  And we might be close.  We are moving slow; which is good.  The kids say "Slow and Steady wins the race!".  Besides that, I am a big believer in gut feelings.  Nothing else has felt right yet.  I'll keep taking some steps towards the opportunities before us right now.  This may not be the right time yet, but it might be.  A little patience and a lot of prayers and we'll figure it out.
Tonight I am thankful for dreams that start as a seed and take awhile to grow.  If we had jumped in back when we had first thought about it, we would have made many costly mistakes.  Over the years, I've grown a lot in the real estate industry; and the hubster has gained much more experience on his abilities and limits with renovations.  When the time is right, it'll be great :)

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