Thursday, September 22, 2016

Woot Woot!

I am a lover of a good deal!
Last week I was ordering some shirts and jerseys for the hubby to print on from a site called Epic Sports.  Now, I'm already loving this site because I got a supply of cheer pants for waaaay cheap from them on clearance.
So last week I decided to check out the rest of their clearance items.  And I ordered quite a few things.  Because, seriously, at 94 cents, why not?!  I was half expecting poor quality items, but I was prepared if that was the case.
My box came today!  I opened it and was pleasantly surprised!!  We have shorts for the whole family at 94 cents a piece!  I ordered some discontinued basketball jerseys for the boys to wear as tank tops.  Swimming goggles too; those might have been $2 or $3, but they are good ones!  I even ordered a cardigan for the girls really cheap!
Tonight I am thankful that my box full of cheap items arrived with not cheaply made items inside!  Sometimes I gamble on a good deal.  And this time I won!

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