Sunday, October 30, 2016

Almost Blew It!

I had to leave my home this afternoon to get some work done.  My work day will be a bit shorter tomorrow with school Halloween parties and the school Halloween parade!
While out, I stopped to pick up a few last minute Halloween items.  While walking thru the store, I saw some Halloween colored cake supplies.  I thought to myself, that would be a fun surprise for the kids in the morning!  So I put a box in my basket.
I paid for my items, got in the car, and was about halfway home, when I remembered that I am supposed to bring in treats for one of the kid's class parties tomorrow!!  Uh Oh!  Well . . . luckily the kids hadn't known about the surprise cupcakes!  Tomorrow, a child's class is getting Halloween cupcakes!
The hubster would say that I spoil the kids . . . which may or may not be true ;)  Anyway, fortunately for the sake of surprising the children, I had also thrown some Halloween Pez dispensers in my basket.  I mean, come on . . it's Pez . . . in Halloween shaped dispensers :)
Tonight I am thankful that my indulging side saved my parental side tonight by having a treat suitable to share with the class tomorrow!  P.S.  I can't wait for the Halloween parade tomorrow!  :)  I love the school's Halloween parade!!

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