Friday, October 28, 2016

Another Chance

It has been 5 days since I wrote a blog about how now it was time to take care of me.  Guess what?  I'm not always so good at that.
In those five days, last night was the first night that I actually slept a decent amount of hours.  It amazes me sometimes that I get one good night's worth of sleep and then expect my body to act like I hadn't just deprived it of sleep for the last several weeks.
It's the same with anything where my body is concerned I suppose.  I eat like crap for days, eat well for one day; then expect my body to feel like superman.  I put off exercising for days, spend some time working out, and hope that my body will magically fit in to the next size smaller clothes.
Well, I'm not going to focus on the abuse that I've put my body through this week - mostly sleep.  I am choosing to be proud of myself this week for eating well.  I have done pretty well!  I have made a conscious effort to think about the things that I've put in my body.  I have stopped to think, am I really hungry?  And I've chosen healthy portions of food!  Yay!
I've done a fair job at exercising this week.  I could have done more.  One of the days though, I couldn't find my knee brace, so I thought I'd be ok running without it.  I wouldn't run far, I told myself.  Yeh, it didn't matter.  My knee noticed the difference!
The best thing I've done for myself this week is try a new essential oil blend for my thyroid.  I am noticing a difference already!  So I'm pretty stoked!
Now, I will work on this sleep thing!  As trial and error coupled with an ongoing life analysis has led me to believe that the majority of my thyroid issues are caused by myself.  Probably like 60% over-working/poor sleep habits.  Then probably 20% genetics and 20% diet.  That would be my moderately-educated guess.
Tonight I am thankful for the things that I did right for myself for this week!  Now, a little after 8pm on a Friday night, I am going to sleep.  Because I am also thankful for another night, another week, another chance to do more things right and make myself healthier!  There is another chance, and I'm taking it . .  because one of these times, I'll get it right!

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