Friday, October 21, 2016

Costume Shopping

Tonight we took the kids to Goodwill to look for Halloween costume inspiration.
The kids are funny at Halloween time.  Sometimes they know exactly what they want to be.  And other times they change their minds about a million times.
I do have one that might still change her mind.  But I think 3 of the 4 are locked in to their costume picks for the season.  Hooray!!  After our night's shopping excursion, we have one costume complete. Two of the costumes are pretty close to being complete.  And if the fourth sticks with her current selection, we can finish it up here at home fairly easy.
I must say that I feel like I am getting out of Halloween costumes pretty easy this year!  In the past, the kids have enjoyed testing my creative side.  Fortunately my creative side is pretty large.  My talent to make the creative side come to life usually needs a little help.  But we've made it thru!
Tonight I am thankful for easy, cheap Halloween costumes!  PS.  Goodwill did have a pretty good selection of costumes.  But we didn't buy our supplies direct from the costume rack.  We scoured the rest of the store for the pieces we needed!  I still couldn't talk anyone in to being a referee though . . . maybe I might have to do that ;)

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