Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crying That Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat

There are things that just melt a Momma's heart.  The biggest would be when my children simply love each other.
This week my kids have been at each other like wild animals fighting over a piece of meat.  Seriously, Thursday I picked them up at school and we sat in the parking lot for over 15 minutes until they could be nice to each other.  AND then I still pulled over on the 5 minute drive home!  Wednesday, on my birthday, I wanted to cancel my birthday dinner because they just wouldn't stop fighting.
Then today . . today my boys were outside playing in some trees.  I had come inside for a few minutes and I heard my youngest crying.  Not just crying, but that crying that children do that makes your heart skip a couple beats because you know something is very wrong.  He had found a wasp nest and had gotten stung repeatedly.  But that wasn't all, as he was freaking out and I was checking him all over, 3 wasps came out of his clothes.  So he had been being stung on his way inside and the 30 seconds it took me to look him over.
I didn't even count, but I'm sure he was stung at least 20 times.  His older brother was very sure we should call an ambulance.  We made a baking soda paste and covered him in it, gave him some Benadryl, and made him an Epsom salt bath.  He said he was feeling better after only a couple minutes in the bath.  He soaked for around a half hour before I was worried about freezing him.  I only made the bath lukewarm, with all the stings.  I mixed him up an essential oil treatment, and he is resting on the couch now.
The part that warmed my heart is the way his big brother wants to take care of him.  He kept checking on him during his bath, asking how he felt.  He brought him his pj's to wear after his bath.  He brought his favorite stuffed toys and magazines down and set him up a spot on the couch.  He brought him his dinner and a drink.  He even wanted to carry him from the bathroom to the couch.
Tonight I am thankful first of all that Cody is not allergic to stings.  And I am very thankful that even though these guys can fight to the death over where they are going to sit in the car, they do absolutely and completely love each other.  And they are there for each other, loving and taking care of each other.

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