Thursday, October 27, 2016


I walked in the door tonight and my stove was on fire.  The stove has been dying slowly anyway.  Tonight however, the stove was being used to make a special birthday dinner for my birthday girl!
The hubster had turned the stove off and was trying to cool it down.  And we did get to finish cooking the birthday dinner on one of the burners.
Just before I got home, I had been on the phone with my mom.  They are going to seriously start following the Dave Ramsey plan!  They've been watching us and they like the progress we've made!  That is so exciting!
A few weeks ago the radiator went out in the hubby's van.  We had just gotten that fixed and the kitchen sink stopped working.  We seriously just finished replacing that last night, and today the stove caught on fire.  This was all right after we sunk some cash in to fixing all the gutters and downspouts.
So here's the deal, 5 or 10 years ago I would be in a complete panic right now.  I would be on my knees crying, praying that the credit card company would raise our limit enough to cover all these things.
But two years now in following our budget plan, I'm not worried.  We had saved up cash for the gutters.  We have a sinking fund that had more than enough for the radiator.  We have a house sinking fund that had enough for the sink; and will still have enough for the stove.  Honestly, the stove will wipe out the rest of the house sinking fund at this point.  But if something else breaks after that, then we still have our emergency fund.
Tonight I am thankful that my daughter's birthday dinner was not ruined first of all by our fiery stove!  I am thankful that the whole night was not ruined with worry over replacing an appliance.  I am thankful that hard work and diligent budgeting are already bringing so much more peace than we've ever had financially!  And I am most thankful that my girl had a wonderful birthday today :)  P.S.  All birthday gifts, upcoming big party (my kids only get a big party every 5 years), and all birthday supply are funded by the birthday savings envelope, with no additional worry for us!!

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