Sunday, October 16, 2016

Getting Back on Track

Time to get real here . . . the last many weeks of my life have been an unstopping chaotic mess.  Ironically, I made it that way . . . of which I reminded myself regularly.  So I couldn't get mad and I certainly couldn't quit - because I took all this one, knowing that I would never sleep.
I'm only mildly shaking my head at myself, because really I don't know what I would change if I had the chance to re-do anything.  I also knew that this would be a short term thing, so I just kept on telling myself to hang on!
I am not sleeping enough . . which is such a bummer since I had been doing much better with sleep; and noticing the difference that healthy sleep made with my thyroid stuff!  It was getting better there for awhile.  And lately I've been going backwards.  I've also been taking particular note of how much crappier I eat and drink when I don't sleep enough. Which of course, a poor diet directly affects all parts of a body.  My body and thyroid health seem to be heading back where I started . . but I'll be back on track making some positive progress!
My house is a mess.  Seriously.  I have tried to do what I could here and there.  But I've been working almost non-stop, and still not keeping up.  I would go crazy, except over the last many years I've learned how to put on blinders.  Sometimes you can't look to the side and you can't look too far ahead; sometimes you just have to look at the tasks right in front of you that need the most attention.  But yes, at some point, those blinders come off and everything else must be dealt with.
My whole house has been eating more take-out and more frozen stuff.  I simply have not had time to cook lately.  We had this nice system in the works where everyone had a night to prepare dinner . . but that only works when I'm there to help the in-training chefs.  So even that has been on hold.
Well, we had a family meeting today.  I thanked everyone for sticking in there while I've been running around like a crazy woman.  We talked about getting back on track here!  We have one more week of craziness.  After one more week, cross country will be done.  And our first season with me being cheer commissioner will be done.  I have given this thing a ton of my time and attention this season.  I had some big goals for the program.  And I think we have done pretty well!  We've got one more week, and one more game.  And still big plans for this upcoming week!
Anyway, after this week we will re-look at the budget.  It needs to be adjusted back down.  I intentionally allowed for more eating out, as I knew it would happen this football season!  We talked about getting the chores back on track.  We all have a good game plan for upcoming weeks!
Work has been just absolutely crazy.  I have over-scheduled, which is really not new.  But adjusting from summer appointment times to school year appointment times has not gone super well for me.  So I have a new scheduling tactic, that I will be trying in upcoming weeks.  And the big addition is a new helper that will be taking over some tasks that I usually do myself.  She starts training this week and this should relieve some more stress and pressure from myself.
Yep, moving forward here I am already feeling like we are getting ourselves back on track!  Much of the plans have to wait one more week.  But a more sane schedule is in sight!  And in the meantime, we have blasted out some awesome goals!  AND in a few weeks, I'm going to sleep in at least two weekend mornings in a row!  I don't have it on the calendar yet . . but it is a definite goal!
Tonight I am thankful for accomplishing the things that I set out to accomplish.  I couldn't have done it without the help of some very awesome people in every area of my life!!  And someday I will get better at making these huge goals without the expense of my sleep and health.  Baby steps though  . . . I'm taking baby steps in this direction . . and that is enough for now :)

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