Monday, October 3, 2016

Going With Your Gut

I am a firm believer in gut feelings.  I was trying to explain it to one of my children the other day.
I think God has several ways of communicating with people.  And, just my own personal belief here, I think part of that is that "gut feeling" that people get.  Call it instincts, call it whatever you want . .  I know it to be a good thing, so I know where it comes from.
I think I'm fairly good at following the gut feeling . . . except when it is something that I want that I just know isn't for me.  Typically in this scenario, I start down that path and the further I get, the more I feel that gut feeling that this path is not meant for me.  Until I can't deny it anymore and turn back around.
Which brings me to today. I've been looking for about a month at a new business opportunity.  It has to do with real estate, so I feel I could be fairly knowledgeable about it.  I see a lot of potential here.  I also see a potential can of worms.  And from the start I had the gut feeling that this was not for me to pursue.  And I tried to outsmart my common sense here . . never a good plan, for the record.
I told myself, ok, well I won't actively pursue this, but I'll ask around and get a few answers regarding the possibilities.  Kind of like when you aren't going to eat the chocolate cake, so you just take a lick of the frosting, then maybe a bigger finger full of frosting . . . it's still not abstaining.
The further I've gone down this path, the more I see the potential for this thing to blow up in my face.  I still do think this particular endeavour has a lot of potential.  But I think it would take too many years to see a good return.
Today the news finally came that this opportunity I was looking at simply isn't feasible.  The best part about this is that I had already come to the decision myself to walk the other way.  I did feel extra vindicated with my recent decision though, that it simply wouldn't work . . . kind of like, yes I finally decided to agree with the initial gut feeling and it was right . . . which I pretty much knew all along and just didn't want to admit to.
With all my asking on this thing, I did find a program for our existing rental property that will lower our interest rate almost 3%!!!  This is ironic because I was checking on lowering this rate just about two months ago, and income properties were still not at a great place rate wise.
Tonight I am thankful that the wrong decision for us will remain an un-acted upon wrong decision.  I am thankful for the gut feelings that let us know what we can't quite substantiate yet.  And I am thankful for God's goodness to still lead me to a route of $$ savings despite my questioning the inherit gut feelings he had already provided me.

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