Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good People

Sometimes I sit back, metaphorically, I've been trying to work on my posture in real life.  Anyway, I sit back and think how blessed I am to have people in my life that make it better.
Today was one of those days.
I had breakfast today with my Marky before my work appointments.  He has always been one of my biggest fans.  He thinks I could lasso the moon and send it back up to the sky five times bigger and brighter than it was.  I would not have grown in to the "Me" that I am today without him.
Being buried with work right now, I got back to my desk this afternoon to a text from my gal that she'll be here to help me out.  I have to get my head screwed back on straight enough to organize myself and prioritize this madness on my desk.  Seriously, there are so many papers and files here that I'm seeing cross-eyed.
The Schwan's man stopped by and mentioned how he'd seen more of our Ethos Real Estate West signs around in yards!  Yes, I'm blessed there too.  I have another great gal there and some wonderful customers helping to grow this in to something amazing!
Then it was time to pick up three of the kids.  They all had good days at school.  They are trying and learning and what more could I ask for?
Later it was time to pick up my fourth from cross country practice.  He had an awesome practice and ran wonderfully.  It is so great to see him challenging himself!
I got a little more work done before it was time for girl scouts.  Except I didn't have enough work done to stop what I was doing and run my daughter there.  The hubster got home just in time to run her there!
I was late to cheer practice from finalizing some cheer stuff - tomorrow is Homecoming!  My awesome coaches were un-phased.  They were running like clockwork.  These gals know what they are doing!  And they are teaching the girls some awesome things!
The cheerleaders this year are awesome themselves!  They are so excited to try things and learn!
The Varsity coach stopped by and the girls were so excited to see her!  She is so great with the girls and they adore her!
Last but not least, the cheer families are amazing!  I've had a mom sew pants.  I have a mom who took over our shaker making . . which was a HUGE stress off me!  Like, totally HUGE, time is a thing I just don't have right now and time is exactly what was needed here - and she's making them look way prettier than I would have!  I have a grandma who is going to stay with our fundraising tents/games tomorrow while we do the parade thing.  They are amazing, simply amazing!
Tonight I am thankful for the blessings of people that God has put in my life!  Today was a pretty stressful day.  And I'll even be thankful for the frazzled and insistent people who called my phone today.  I'll be thankful for voicemail to send them too when I just can't stand to take anymore calls!  I know that these people are blessings to others as well, I pray that going to my voicemail didn't ruin their days when I had to clock out of contact with people!

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