Friday, October 14, 2016

Just In Time

Somewhere around 3:00ish I received a text that the bus would be at the school at 4.  That was fantastic and alarming news! 
For whatever reason, I had in my head that the bus wasn't getting back until later in the evening with my week-long camper.  When I double checked the time last night, I went a little bit in to panic mode . . . the paper said 4:15!  I already had a full day planned, with my earliest clearing at 4:30 to pick up my son from cross country practice.  I looked and looked at my schedule to see what I could move or change.  I wasn't finding anything. 
The hubster saw my distress and said that he could go in to work early and get out at 4.  He could make it there just by 4:15 to get our camper.  That would work.  That had to work!
Then there was the text that  the bus would be there at 4.  I was a bit panicked.  I tried to call the hubster, but he wasn't at his phone right then.  I was waiting at a house showing for the people to arrive.  Fortunately for me, the people arrived early!!  They decided that over 30 acres sounded good online.  But looking at it all, it was just too much for them.  Since they arrived early, they left early, and I raced to the school! 
In that time I did receive another text that they were back to the 4:15 time.  It didn't matter.  I was there waiting!  I got her bags sorted and in the car before her bus even arrived.
And tonight, I am thankful that my girl is home!  I am thankful that she had a wonderful time at camp!  And I'm thankful that I was there to pick her up when she arrived back at the school :)

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