Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kicked Out

We have a van that the hubster drives that is our family vehicle.  However, I drive so much for my job, that I needed something better on gas.  So when the kids get in my smaller, better gas mileage car, they have to sit close together being 3 in the back seat.
Sitting close together makes the children cranky.  They prove this time and time again when they get in my car.  Sometimes it makes me think that children's seat belts should include a piece that goes over their mouths!
Well lately, this has just been getting on my nerves.  It doesn't matter if we are driving 50 miles for 5 miles; they get in my car and they are on each other instantly.
Today I'd had enough.  The kids came out of the school and got in my car.  We weren't even out of the parking lot and they were making comments to each other.  I asked them nicely to stop.  I threatened them.  I told one he was going right to his bed when we got home.  Nothing was working.
So I stopped on the side of the road and I kicked two of my children out of the car and told them to walk home.  I drove behind them with my hazard lights on for awhile.  The two children in the car were quite amused.  One wanted to get out and run down the road like the other two.  I explained that no, this was to teach a lesson.
After awhile I brought the other two children back in the car.  I then explained how their ride home in the car was not a necessity.  There is a bus that can take them home every day.  I pick them up to be nice, but I don't have to.  They can take the long bus ride home, deal with the other kids on the bus, and feel nauseous.  I don't have to drive them.  And I won't it, if it keeps being rides with them being mean and rude to each other.
The point was taken . . at least for today.  The rest of the ride home was nice and peaceful!
Tonight I am thankful for those moments of creative, about-to-pull-my-hair-out-desperate inspiration.  Maybe we'll do this more often . ..  it sure worked well today!  Here hoping for more peaceful car rides in our future!

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