Saturday, October 22, 2016

Much Needed

Today was much needed.
We've been so busy the last couple months.  Running here, running there, projects at home, .. . just always something to do.  Today we ignored everything else.
I had work sitting here at my desk.  We have the new kitchen faucet waiting to be put in (seriously needed, the old one fell apart and we have no water in the kitchen right now).  The kids have homework.  The laundry room looks like a bomb went off.  The new animal fence isn't finished.  I could go on and on.  We'll just say; we ignored everything.
We went as a family with the Girl Scouts to the corn maze and had some fun.  We picked up a pizza together (because it really is hard to cook without water in the kitchen and I plain old didn't want to cook tonight).  We cleaned up the living room a bit together.  We watched Angry Birds together.  And then we played the Dave Ramsey game, Act Your Wage together as a family.  By the way, I still love that game!  It is an awesome way to paint a real life picture of debts and income to the kids!
I've got four in the living room watching the game.  One is upstairs getting ready to sleep.  I'm about to go to sleep myself.  It's been great!
Tonight I am thankful for some time as a family; ignoring everything else and just enjoying each other's company :)

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