Saturday, October 15, 2016

Night Out

Our anniversary was on a Thursday, so we were planning on going out to dinner to celebrate last weekend.  We got to the weekend and the hubster was pretty sickly.  He was still going to go out though.  What a trooper :)  But I called him at work, (he had to work last Saturday) and told him that we should wait.  He sounded very relieved.
So tonight we finally went out for our anniversary dinner.  Most years we go to the place we had our reception, since it has since been transformed from a banquet hall to a restaurant.  But tonight we went to the restaurant that is just down the road from our first house.  It is a nice restaurant with a back section that they close off when it is rented out.  Tonight, there was a wedding reception in the back part of the restaurant :)  That was quite fitting for our anniversary dinner, I thought!
Tonight I am thankful for a nice anniversary dinner out with the hubster.  It was worth the wait :)

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